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Honu Cool Brew

Honu Cool Brew

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The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, or honu, is the only indigenous reptile found in Hawaii and is an endangered species. The honu is an extraordinary animal that has been around since before the dinosaurs. When in Hawai'i they can often be seen close to shore feeding on algae or basking in the sun on popular beaches. Hawai'i is one of three places in the world where sea turtles come ashore to bask in the sun. 


Tailor made for cold brewing, a delicate light/medium roast brings out the sweet aroma of salted caramel with the rich flavors of roasted pecans and vanilla from a carefully selected blend of beans from Sumatra, Columbia and Brazil. 

This low acidity blend is surprisingly light and refreshing while still delivering a rich complex flavor, making it the perfect choice for cold brewed iced coffee.


Aroma: salted caramel, rich nougat

Tasting Notes: Sweet praline, roasted pecans, vanilla bean, marzipan, dried fig.

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